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If the focus on size, market share, patents advantage is typical of the traditional economy of Enterprise business strategy, so fast fashion, fast Marketing Is an outstanding business characteristics of the network era. Paris Fashion SHOW just held the annual new clothing Zhayi appearance, style similar to the same style, price is only big dress 1 / 10 of a variety of fashion Clothing After two weeks will put Spain Clothing The big selling giant ZARA store. Grass is always greener though is a derogatory term, but we can not deny that businesses have been unable to meet the self-suppression to go the way grass is always greener consumers?? Drift in a consumer age of fast fashion, fast marketing has become a major industry A typical business strategy. If the focus size, market share, patents advantage is typical of the traditional economy of Enterprise business strategy, so fast fashion, fast marketing is an outstanding business features of the Internet age?? In the Internet age, information flow barriers to be broken Regional barriers are crossed, distance is compressed, the consumer's desires and concerns of power can easily be incited and just drift, fashion style is easy to be swept, the same can easily be updated fashion covered. In this background, enjoy the fast fashion has become a typical social network signs of the times. From a business strategy point of view,. Fast fashion faster marketing has three salient features: 1, in the context of a large fashion, there will be some of the unique features of differentiation, thousand times no longer appear side, such as IKEA products; 2, fast and stylish products often have a some symbolic features, both have products with basic functionality, but also has certain social functions, such as mobile phones. 3, a powerful marketing force control can be quickly transformed into reality fashion merchandise, while highly competitive prices, such as ZARA. Although the concept of fast fashion faster marketing long been proposed, but we review the development of the industry, but many successful companies can develop has long since ceased to follow this path in advance. ted baker handbag
borse prada outlet Wannabe fashionistas and struggling designers everywhere can take heart. The International Institute of Fashion design (INIFD) Andheri, has opened a store called Tassel Style Lounge, housing students' collection only. Stocking everything from shoes and clothes to chocolates, the store was launched to give students a chance to test their commercial quotient.,How Social Shopping Is Changing Fashion Production by batteryfast,It's the next frontier in fashion. A lot of London fashion blogs out there are now talking about wearable technology.Of course, one of the biggest names in this arena is undoubtedly the Apple Watch. It's already made the cover of Vogue in China and was also displayed during Paris Fashion Week. mcm italia karen millen dresses 2013 Traditional Bengali ensembles are once again setting the trend of Kolkata fashion in years to come. Kolkata- the home of all Bengalis, intellectuals, romantics and aristocratic in their unique sensibility.? This city of volatile political stands and ardent love for football shows commitment of passionate intensity-be it in political demonstrations, football or cricket matches, art and architecture, religion festivities, adda and foods. This city has also shown immense development in the fields of style and fashion. With a rich treasure of fashion designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Beri, Dev r Nil, Wendell Rodricks, Biwi Russel to name a few of the renowned ones, we are consistently riding the changing trends of Kolkata fashion. We, the Kolkatans are basically rooted deep with our cultures and traditions. West Bengal has traditional weaving patterns and fabrics that vary from one area to another. No two districts have the same weaving patterns and same fabrics and that well explains the diversity of Kolkata fashion and its traditional origins.
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